The Metchiv company was incorporated in Chelyabinsk in 1994. The company was quick to enter the market of stainless steel due to its well planned concept of development which was aimed, first and foremost, at the application of professional know-how in the field of metallurgical processing. Over the years of its fruitful operations, the company has become known in the Urals regions and far beyond its borders as a reliable supplier of metal product comprising mainly steel brands 12X18H10T, 08X18H10T, 20X23H18, 10X17H13M2T, 06XH28MDT, 14X17H2, 08X13 – 40X13. The assortment of product may be roughly split into four main groups:

  • flat products (sheet and coils)
  • long products and shaped steel
  • forged billets
  • tubes

The company’s specialization in these steel brands and types of rolled stock provided competitive prices and the presence in stock of anything between 1,000 and 1,200 tons of metal. This allows the company to come out as a metal trader offering warehouse product.

The company focuses attention on special steels and alloys applied in various branches of industry: atomic energy, electrical engineering, petrochemical production, aircraft construction, and machine building. The company has in stock between 100 and 150 tons of these steel brands. With its warehouse facilities the company provides a wide range of rolled stock covering over 1,300 items.

One of the specific features in the activities of the company has been profound interest in sophisticated industrial assignments. Metchiv has a well trained professional staff made up mainly of industrial engineers. The company specialists take an intelligent approach to filling orders, resort to their rich experience in metal processing, and at times introduce a long line of additional technological operations and special blank dimensions. Very often, after an order has been placed, we offer the client several alternatives. On the basis of analyzing the client’s requirements the company comes forth with an offer combining an optimum price, delivery schedule and maximum economic efficiency. It is for good reason that our company slogan is “GET THE BEST DECISION”.

The present situation on the stainless steel market is typified by the presence of big stocks of metal with the big metal traders. This calls for greater efficiency is servicing clients. The company has set up a computerized link between the warehouse and the central office which makes it possible to save time in drawing up shipment papers. The company delivers metal by trucks directly to the client’s warehouse.

Besides upgrading its traditional lines of activity, Metchiv focuses attention on developing metal processing on the basis of company facilities. In 2003, Metchiv was one of the first companies on the stainless steel market to install and use Danobat cutting equipment. This makes it possible to perform highly efficient cutting of metal of various forms and chemical composition. The equipment produces blanks of the following dimensions:

  • round shaped with a diameter of 650 mm ;
  • square shaped and rectangular – maximum 650 by 1,00 mm.

The thickness of the cut does not exceed 3 mm. The surface of the cut metal does not require additional mechanical processing which makes it possible to deliver metal parts with highly accurate dimensions. Another advantage of this method is a minimum amount of waste.

Over the years, the operational staff has accumulated rich experience in applying various types of adjustment and cutters depending on the type of the metal. They also apply optimal nesting of blanks which lowers the cost of the cutting processing.

The purchase of additional production space and rolling equipment marked a new stage in the development of the company. Metchiv may now claim to be a producer of rolled metal.

Our equipment is for multi-purpose use both in terms of specifications and ability to produce the following types of product:

  • square-shaped long product with sides from 12to 42 mm ;
  • round-shaped product with diameter from 10 to 50 mm ;
  • hexahedron with dimensions from 14 to 41 mm ;
  • strips 3-40 by 20-120 mm (there is a special economic effect when strips are rolled from expensive brands of refractory steel instead of from sheet ;
  • shaped sections.

The company offers services in the way of industrial processing of the client’s materials. It also offers a wide range of blanks from company warehouses: structural, tooling, corrosion resistant, refractory, electrical engineering, coil springs, thermal resistant, etc.

In line with the requirements of the consumers the company is constantly broadening the range of long products.

The products are manufactured in accordance with state standards (GOST) and specifications for hot rolled bars and strips. The company is prepared to supply consignments as little as a few kilograms.

Metchiv is constantly on the march and continues to expand its production and business ties. We execute new contracts with major production companies in the CIS and other countries. The company consolidates its production facilities through the purchase of modern equipment, the organization of surface processing sections. The company sees its future in gaining stronger positions in the sphere of production and metal processing services.

21/B Lenin Avenue, office 613 (“Spiridonov”)
Telephones: +7 (351) 729-94-06 (multi-channel)
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